Evading SSH Fingerprinting (HASSH) with Arbitrary Ciphers

Reading Time: 2 minutes HASSH is an SSH fingerprinting method developed by Salesforce. HASSH allows SSH servers to fingerprint SSH clients attempting to connect by examining the client’s handshake data, such as which ciphers the client is asking to use, etc. An inverse fingerprinting is also possible by using HASSHServer. HASSH is a similar idea to JA3 / JA3S … Continue reading “Evading SSH Fingerprinting (HASSH) with Arbitrary Ciphers”

Open Policy Agent for Bottle Web Framework

Reading Time: < 1 minute Recently, I’ve been playing around with Open Policy Agent (a.k.a. OPA), an open source project by CNCF that decouples policy enforcement from decision making. To practice its implementation, I created a proof of concept for Python’s Bottle framework, a simple web framework that doesn’t have Authorization by default, seemed like a good candidate for OPA! … Continue reading “Open Policy Agent for Bottle Web Framework”