Fingerprinting GreyNoise Intelligence Sensors

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hello! In this post I will walk you through my attempt at fingerprinting GreyNoise sensors. Before diving in, I want to give a huge shout out to GreyNoise, they greatly support the community by providing free API access to anyone! <3 If you don’t know what GreyNoise is, it’s a large collection of distributed servers … Continue reading “Fingerprinting GreyNoise Intelligence Sensors”

Remote Hacking of Furbo Dog Camera

Reading Time: 4 minutes Background  For an upcoming episode of McAfee’s Hackable podcast, I was provided with a Furbo – a dog food tossing device, for a security review.  Equipped with a 160 degree High Definition camera and night vision  capabilities, Furbo is a dog camera capable of tossing food with a swipe of a button through your phone. Furbo was … Continue reading “Remote Hacking of Furbo Dog Camera”